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Ketel 1 Jenever at Down The Rabbit Hole festival

Ketel 1 Jenever is an Evergreen brand that used photoflyers to increase its brand affinity at Down The Rabbit Hole, a Dutch festival.

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  • Campaign: Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Location: Groene Heuvels, the Netherlands
  • Goal: engagement
  • Tools: instax square (regular)

The specific objective of this campaign was to enhance brand awareness among a younger target audience. That is one of the reasons we advised on using the instax square. The SQ20 has a reprint option, which allows you to reprint the same picture multiple time. Perfect for larger groups when you want to hand out the same picture multiple times, without having to reshoot every time.

I have collaborated with Photoflyer on several different occasions and in different marketing positions. Photoflyer is not simply a product, but a true solution. An experience that enhances and enriches your brand!”

- Annelieke Nottrot - Brand Activation Manager at Ketel 1/​Nolet Distillery

Ketel1 4 1152x720
Ketel1 2 1152x720
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