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Jägermeister is on the hunt, ‘The Meister Hunt’

Jägermeister launched The Meister Hunt’ campaign to search for a new DJ talent who would represent the brand.

Jägermeister is on the hunt, 'The Meister Hunt'
  • Campaign: The Meister Hunt
  • Location: Various summer festivals in Belgium
  • Goal: Searching for a new DJ talent who symbolizes Jägermeister
  • Tools: instax Wide photoflyer (regular) + promo bag

The campaign was held at various summer festivals in Belgium, and the goal was to attract talented DJs and find the perfect fit for Jägermeister. The campaign used the instax Wide photoflyers (regular) and promo bags.

After receiving numerous registrations, Jägermeister selected the top three DJs who then had the opportunity to showcase their talent at various summer festivals in Belgium. The three finalists had the chance to perform a set at the festival, and attendees were able to vote for their favorite DJ. The campaign utilized 2500 photoflyers to promote the campaign and generate traffic to the website, where users could vote for their preferred DJ. The website also included information regarding the finals that were scheduled for the end of November.

'The Meister Hunt' was a successful campaign that allowed Jägermeister to discover new DJ talent and engage with their target audience at summer festivals. The use of photoflyers and promo bags drew attention to the campaign, and the voting system allowed attendees to feel involved in the selection process. Overall, the campaign helped Jägermeister find a talented DJ who embodied the brand and showcased their commitment to supporting new talent.

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