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The Vividseats Lucky Roller Campaign

With their leading online ticket marketplace, they embarked on an innovative marketing campaign to boost visibility, brand recognition, and promote their Rewards program. To achieve these objectives, they leveraged the creative potential of using photoflyers.

The Vividseats Lucky Roller Campaign

Vivid Seats recognized the need to stand out in a crowded marketplace and differentiate themselves from competitors. They saw our photoflyers as an exciting and unique way to capture people's attention and generate excitement for their Vividseats Lucky Roller campaign. Using the photoflyers allowed Vivid Seats to showcase their brand, Rewards program, and share the excitement of attending live events. The photoflyer activation was conducted at several strategic locations across the USA.

The Vividseats Lucky Roller activation was a dynamic and energetic event designed to captivate audiences. A central element of the activation was the photoflyer experience. Participants were encouraged to take selfies with the photoflyers, with the Vivid Seats branding and campaign hashtags reaching even more people online.

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Vivid Seats implemented a unique twist to boost excitement. They stationed a golf cart at each location, which doubled as a prize booth. Individuals who wanted to try their luck could twist a wheel on the back of the golf cart, where they could instantly win prizes. These prizes ranged from exclusive discounts on ticket purchases to free event tickets and even VIP experiences. This gamified approach not only increased engagement but also generated buzz around the brand as winners shared their experiences on social media.

Vivid Seats carefully tailored the activation to appeal to a broad target audience. The primary focus was on attracting event enthusiasts, sports fans, concertgoers, and individuals interested in live entertainment experiences. They sought to engage both existing customers and potential new users, encouraging them to explore the benefits of the Vivid Seats platform, particularly the Rewards program.

Thanks to the creative utilization of photoflyers and the engaging activation, Vivid Seats experienced significant results. The campaign garnered widespread attention on social media, with participants sharing their photoflyer selfies and Lucky Roller experiences. The visual appeal of photoflyers helped reinforce brand recognition and elevated the overall user experience.

The activation's success extended beyond the event dates, as Vivid Seats saw an increase in website traffic, app downloads, and sign-ups for their Rewards program. The photoflyers became collectible items for attendees, further spreading awareness about the brand.

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