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The original branded instant photos, photoflyers. Branded instant photos for any activation. We deliver worldwide.

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The idea of Photoflyer was born within an advertising agency in 2003. Based on one question: Why are all 1‑to‑1 marketing tools thrown away almost immediately?’ The solution had to be quick to handover, highly personal and should have a joyful fun factor and most importantly: it should be a gadget.



Photoflyer produces and develops branded instant photos for clients across industries and markets worldwide and photoflyers can be find anywhere on fridges, walls, and desks. What started as an idea within the advertising agency has grown as an independent international organization. Photoflyer's branded instant photos (For Polaroid, instax, and Canon) are great for capturing fun and memorable moments at events, while their Photoflyers provide a more targeted marketing solution. Photoflyers are small, printed cards that feature a branded message and a photo of the guest. They can be customized with branding, messaging, and design, making them a great way to promote a brand or event.


Photoflyer is a Dutch-based company that provides unique and engaging photo marketing solutions for businesses and events. Photoflyer HQ is based in Amsterdam and operated by a small team led by Mitchell Plaizier. Our production facility and warehouse are located in Amsterdam and we can ship and produce our photoflyers within five business days.

Our reselling partners are located in Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Vienna, Stuttgart, Faro, and Geneva. We have Photoflyer franchises (with their own production facilities) in Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia. As a real international player, there is always a Photoflyer representative close by to help you. Photoflyer representatives are now available in four continents and have been shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

Our clients.

Photoflyer has worked with a range of clients, including major brands such as Coca-Cola, BMW, and Adidas, as well as smaller businesses and events. Photoflyer has a strong focus on sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials in its products and operations.

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Shaquille Mfotografie Photoflyer 20211105 02
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Photoflyer offers a range of photo marketing solutions for branded Polaroid pictures, instax pictures, and Canon printouts. With a photoflyer you can combine a branded instant photo with your marketing goals. Overall, Photoflyer is a creative and innovative company that offers unique and effective photo marketing solutions for businesses and events.

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