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Padel Mate Club Sports week 2022 Amstelveen

Amstelveensport and Padel Mate club set up this photoflyer campaign together to introduce young people to the sport.

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Padel Mate Club Sports week 2022 Amstelveen
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  • Campaign: Sports week 2022 Amstelveen
  • Location: Padel Mate Club Amstelveen
  • Goal: Getting visitors excited for Padel
  • Tools: instax Wide Regular + QR code

Padel Mate Club Amstelveen has been open for almost a month now. Over the past few months, Padel Mate Club has worked hard to create the ultimate Padel experience and with great enthusiasm they held a Grand Opening Event on September 23rd.

“After these long past months of preparations, we are grateful to be able to celebrate our success with the municipality of Amstelveen and many others who helped us realize this!”

AmstelveenSport used the National Sports Week to open the new sports season and to ensure that together with AmstelveenSport everyone, young and old, can get acquainted with (new) sports. The aim of this sports week is therefore very clear: to enthuse as many people as possible to (go to) exercise. Amstelveensport and Padel Mate Club have set up this photoflyer campaign together to introduce the youth/young adults to Padel Mate Club. They chose to use the instax Wide Regular photolfyers to convey this message. In combination with a QR code and a promotion, visitors could rent a court for €15. The photoflyers were well received and are a nice memory for the visitors.


Thanks to Gianni from Padel Mate Club for setting up this campaign.

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