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Loogman’s Halloween Carwash

Loogman organized an event for Halloween, where it was the perfect moment to use photoflyers as a nice reminder for the customer. They had a special photo wall made for this, and almost all visitors had their picture taken.

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Loogman's Halloween Carwash
  • Campaign: Loogman’s Halloween Carwash
  • Location: Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands
  • Goal: Nice giveaway for customers
  • Tools: instax wide regular

Photoflyer contacted Loogman after using the location of the car wash for a previous activation. When Loogman was setting up a Halloween event at one of their eight car washes, they used the opportunity to use photoflyers as a memorable giveaway for their customers. They set up a special photo wall and almost all visitors had their picture taken. The customers were surprised by the nice effect of the photoflyers.

The instant photos proved to be a hit with customers, resulting in enthusiastic responses from them. Two of the employees were dedicated to taking the photos and one person was constantly folding photoflyers to keep up with the number of photos taken.

The positive reactions from customers prompted Loogman to use photoflyers for other industries as well. The success of the campaign also encouraged them to recommend photoflyers as a cool and effective way to create memories that people will keep for a long time.

Using photoflyers resulted in increased brand visibility and customer satisfaction. The campaign has achieved its goal of providing customers with a fun and memorable memory.

''Linking a nice or beautiful memory to your brand is a perfect way of marketing!''

- Daan van Meegen, Loogman Group

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