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Put Perfect on Ice with Diet Coke

Diet Coke wanted to get a generation obsessed with perfection to relax and forget about it for a minute – to put perfect on ice’.

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Put Perfect on Ice with Diet Coke
  • Campaign: #PutPerfectOnIce, #GetIt
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • In collaboration with: N2O Ltd
  • Goal: Visibility for Diet Coke brand in the UK – introduce a new generation to the drink
  • Tools: instax wide (regular) + unique hashtags

N2O contacted us because they were tasked by Diet Coke to get a generation obsessed with perfection to relax and forget about it for a minute – to ‘put perfect on ice’.

N2O organized an unmissable experience in the middle of Westfield London. All of their guests took home a branded instant photo. With close to 7,500 visitors, we needed to provide them with a fast-paced solution, the instax wide was their perfect go-to.

Their campaign was based around the hashtag #PutPerfectOnIce, and by incorporating this hashtag on the photoflyers, it generated a lot of social conversion. Visitors could win a thousand pounds by uploading a selfie with the photoflyer and a Diet Coke and tag @DietCokeGB and #GetIt.

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