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Holiday photoflyers for The Upside Down Amsterdam

Make memories and enjoy the little things during this holiday season with a photoflyer!

Holiday photoflyers for The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • Campaign: TUDA Happy Holidays 
  • Location: The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • Goal: Give visitors a special seasonal greeting for a loved one.
  • Tools: Special size Photoflyer
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The Upside Down Amsterdam is the largest social media experience in Amsterdam where you make the rules. This year they turned into the newest, coolest original Holiday place to create the most original content for your seasonal greetings to send to your loved ones. With the use of a special size photoflyer we were able to offer them the solution that they needed.

“It’s like we threw a museum, an amusement park, a nightclub, a few perfect backdrops and some magic mushrooms in a giant blender to create the ultimate Instagrammable Dutch experience!”

At The Upside Down Amsterdam you get a free photoflyer to create a postcard together with your printed photo. Send them to friends and family or keep it for yourself.

“We are super happy to have added the photoflyers to our experience for the Happy Holidays period. Normally our experience is all about creating content to share on your socials, but with these postcards we are taking it offline! A little nostalgic and quirky, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about!“

- Simone de Meijere, content & creative creator at The Upside Down Amsterdam

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