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Field marketing: into the field with Photoflyer

Field marketing is an effective way to get your target group to know your brand. Photoflyers help you as a marketing tool with every field marketing campaign.

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Field marketing: into the field with Photoflyer

Forms of field marketing

Field marketing is a collection of marketing strategies that happen ‘in the field’. Below you’ll read about the three most common forms of field marketing.

A commonly used form of field marketing is the distribution of samples. This form of promotion is especially suitable for introducing a new product such as a new drink. Sampling often takes place at busy transfer locations like stations, shops or at festivals.

Merchandising is the distribution or sale of products that promote a brand. Think of key chains, sunglasses, posters or T-shirts. Using POS (Point-Of-Sale) materials to give your products a better visibility is also a form of merchandising.

Another form of field marketing is sales on location. In this case, company employees are present on location, to sell the services or products of a brand. Usually this is at a place or event where the intended target group is present. Think of trade shows and industry-specific events.

Field marketing today

In the past, field marketing was considered pretty much one-way communication. The goal was to send out a message or hand out a new product. A successful field marketing campaign however, also creates a dialogue between brand and target group. For this reason it’s very important to give the executing party a good briefing. This way they know what your brand stands for, and are able to make the brand activation succeed.

What is field marketing?

It’s all in the name, with field marketing you actually go into the field. This can be on the street, the shop floor, trade fairs and conferences, and everywhere else where products or services are offered. Field marketing is a form of direct face-to-face marketing where representatives promote the brand or product. Photo marketing with Photoflyer is also a form of field marketing.

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Field marketing agency checklist

Are you looking for a party that van carry out field marketing for you? Then ask yourself the following questions about the party:

  1. Does the field marketing agency know your company, products, services and target group well?
  2. Has the agency worked for similar brands in the past?
  3. Does the agency provide a clear explanation of the intended results, expressed in sales, profit, reach and
  4. ROI (Return On Investment)?
  5. Does the price of this agency match your marketing budget?
  6. Does the agency require a good briefing?
  7. Do you trust the agency with important company information?

Does the agency meet all the requirements? Then start working with them for your field marketing!

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