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Field marketing activations with Photoflyer

Field marketing makes a lasting impression. Photoflyers can grab potential customers’ attention and create memorable experiences during field marketing activations. Field marketing is an effective way to get your target audience to know your brand.

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Field marketing activations with Photoflyer

What is field marketing?

It’s all in the name, with field marketing you actually go into the field, such as on the street, in shops, at trade fairs, and conferences. It's a way for representatives to promote a brand or product to potential customers. Photoflyer's photo marketing is also a form of field marketing.

Forms of field marketing

Field marketing encompasses a range of marketing strategies that occur outside of a traditional office setting. The three most common forms of field marketing are:

This involves distributing free samples of a product to potential customers. This approach is often used when introducing a new product, and often takes place at busy transfer locations like stations, shops or at festivals.

This is the distribution or sale of promotional products with the company branding. Examples include keychains, sunglasses, posters, and T-shirts. Another aspect of merchandising is using Point-Of-Sale (POS) materials to increase product visibility.

Sales on location involves company employees selling a brand's products or services at an event where the target audience is present. Think of trade shows and industry-specific events.

Field marketing today

Field marketing used to be one-way communication aimed at broadcasting a message or promoting a new product. However, successful campaigns today involve creating a dialogue between the brand and the target group. To ensure that the brand activation succeeds, it's crucial to provide a clear briefing to the executing party on what the brand represents.

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Field marketing agency checklist

If you're in search of a field marketing agency, here are some key questions to ask yourself about the potential agency:

  1. Does the agency have a thorough understanding of your company, products, services, and target audience?
  2. Has the agency worked with similar brands in the past?
  3. Can the agency clearly articulate the expected results, in terms of sales, profit, reach, and ROI (Return on Investment)?
  4. Does the agency's pricing fit within your marketing budget?
  5. Does the agency require a comprehensive briefing?
  6. Do you feel comfortable sharing confidential company information with the agency?

If the agency meets all of these requirements, it may be a good fit for your field marketing needs.

Photoflyer and agencies

Effective field marketing activations

  1. Design your photoflyer: Make a visually appealing photoflyer that includes your branding or messaging, and has a clear call-to-action;
  2. Set up your field marketing activation: Choose a location where your target audience is likely to be, and set up a booth or stand with your photoflyers, as well as any other promotional materials;
  3. Encourage people to take a photo: Invite people to take a photo using your photoflyer, providing props or a backdrop to make the photos more engaging;
  4. Take the photo: Use an instant camera or smartphone (with an instant photo printer) to take a photo of the attendee in a fun or memorable moment;
  5. Print the photo and use the photoflyer: Print the photo and attach it to the photoflyer with your branding or communication;
  6. Hand out the photoflyer: Give the photoflyer to the attendee with a clear call-to-action, such as visiting your website or following you on social media.

By using photoflyers in your field marketing activations, you can create a personalized and unique experience for your potential customers, leaving a lasting impression on them.

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