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Five effective ways to create brand sympathy with live events

For the first time in a long while, live promotions and physical events are possible again. But how do you handle it? How do you best approach your customers, after all COVID-19-related restrictions? Five tips to create brand sympathy.

Five effective ways to create brand sympathy with live events

1. Tell stories

Now that we are finally allowed to promote live again after times of radio silence, the pitfall of the screaming sales pitch is lurking. Don't fall for it! Right now, telling a personal, recognizable and above all real story is a more meaningful strategy. It is the time of sharing experiences, because we all had new, sometimes intense experiences because of corona.

So research what story you can tell, right now, and what your brand can really do for the ideal customer. For example, if you want to sell a toaster, don't focus on the high-end functionalities of the device, but tell the story of the cozy smell of a toasted sandwich on Sunday morning, with the children sliding around the breakfast table in their pajamas. You are then selling an experience, a quality of life, and not just a simple device.

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2. Make it personal

Dare to opt for a personal approach, especially with a live promotion. After all, it has been a long time since we could meet without the help of Zoom, Teams or Skype. Take time for your visitors and in any case make sure that every personal contact is also a sincere contact. So don't quickly put a brochure in someone's hands, but ask how someone is doing and research whether your brand can mean something for them in one way or another. A live promotion or event is an excellent opportunity for effective micro-marketing and meaningful one-on-one communication. Show that you think and have thought of your target group.

3. Exceed expectations

One of the most effective ways to create a positive brand experience is to surprise your target audience with something extra, something they didn't expect. Because if you do nothing more than meet the expectations of your target group, that target group will never become a group of loyal, loyal customers. Do you want the visitors of your event to walk out the door feeling happy and overwhelmed, with a lasting positive memory of your brand? Then exceed expectations. For example, organize a special performance or a cool experience. Or blow them away with a nice story. Of course, a nice giveaway always works well. Using photoflyers during your event, for example, is an effective way to ensure that your brand 'sticks' in a positive way.

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4. Embrace the ‘peak-end rule’

What visitors will especially remember about your event are the strongly positive or negative moments (the peaks) and the last moment (the end). Make them count! Provide a nice highlight (see under 3) and of course try to keep the negative experience out of the door (tip: skimping on catering is never a good idea). The end of your event is also a perfect hook for creating a positive memory. Give your visitors a nice memento, ensure that the cloakroom handling goes smoothly and provide sufficient space to move at the exit, especially in times of corona.

5. Don't forget the 'satisfied customer'

Customers who rate a brand with nine or ten are up to three times more likely to return to that brand than customers who rate the brand four through eight. Moreover, repeat purchases from the latter group of customers do not differ much from each other: whether someone gives a four or an eight, the size of the repeat purchases is almost the same. While: if you turn 'normally satisfied' customers into 'very satisfied' customers, they spend on average 76% more. It is therefore useful to focus more on the 'normally satisfied' customers. Make sure that these customers receive more (personal) attention, are surprised and feel appreciated, so that they also reward your brand with a nine or a ten. A live promotion or event is an excellent opportunity for this.

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