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Get ready for new photoflyer innovations with the instax Link WIDE

Transform any mobile phone into a powerful marketing tool with the Wide regular photoflyer. Get the instax Link WIDE and download the Link WIDE App

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Get ready for new photoflyer innovations with the instax Link WIDE

Fujifilm launches new wide-format smartphone printer that can be used with photoflyers.

Fujifilm recently launched their new wide-format smartphone printer, the instax Link WIDE to complement their instax product lineup. Their new printer can print images, taken with a smartphone, on a wide-format film, twice the size of the regular card-size instax print.

Fujifilm has newly added the Link WIDE smartphone printer to the lineup, allowing the images to be printed onto the wide-format (86mm x 108mm) prints of images stored in a smartphone through its dedicated app via Bluetooth.. A new dedicated app for the Link WIDE will be launched along with the printer with a greater range of functions, maximizing the fun of producing larger prints.

With the addition of this product to the Photoflyer line-up op instant photography solutions, there are now more ways to implement photoflyers into your campaign. Photoflyer also offers a mobile phone from OPPO to complement this product and make your Photoflyer campaigns even easier to start.

Instax wide link oppo a15
Instax wide link print

Interesting new ways to use our photoflyers in combination with the instax Link WIDE for your Photoflyer campaigns.

Create store traffic
Take a picture outside your store with any mobile phone (Android or iPhone) and hand out the photoflyer in-store. Create store traffic in ways that were not possible before without this printer.

Global campaigns, local implementation
With the instax Link WIDE's unique in-picture QR-code implementation, you can create one photoflyer design for your global campaigns. Just change the QR-code for each local campaign in the app's settings.
This option makes it a lot easier and faster to implement global campaigns on a local territory scale.

Easy reprint any photoflyer
You now no longer have to take multiple shoots to give a photoflyer to a group of people. With the printer's reprint option everyone can receive the same picture. This saves a lot of time and gives you the opportunity to give more people their photoflyer. Select and edit your photo from your smartphone, then print.

Send photos you take with your digital camera right to your instax printer
The FUJIFILM X-S10 can send your photos directly to the instax Link WIDE printer. Compatible digital cameras connect with the Camera Remote app to send your photos to instax Link WIDE printer.

Photoflyer instax wide link QR

Link to website with a QR code

A website link can be turned into a QR code and added onto a print. For example, a QR code containing a link to a retailer website can be incorporated into a print and can be used as a promotional tool for the linked store.

Photoflyer instax wide link reprint

Reprint the same picture

Choose the best shot from a video and reprint it. Or reprint the same group shot more than once.

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About the new instax product, ''Link WIDE''

The all new “Link WIDE” allows users to take advantage of the series’ largest print size for printing smartphone images, be it a group shot or a landscape photograph. The printer, while supporting the wide format, is compact and lightweight for easy use either at home or when out and about. It comes in the stylish “Ash White” and the luxurious “Mocha Gray.”

The app specifically designed for the Link WIDE offers a variety of functions that take advantage of the larger print size.

  • The “instax-Natural” mode adds instax’s signature soft touch to prints, while the new “instax-Rich” mode produces rich colors. Users can choose the tone according to the types of subject matter.
  • The “QR Print” mode generates a QR code for a voice message, text message, location data, favorite website URL and other information, and incorporates it into a print. Having a QR code representing various types of information printed with a photograph adds another dimension to instax as a communication tool that records related data and conveys sentiments.

Source: Fujifilm launches Smartphone Printer “instax Link WIDE”

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