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The original branded instant photos, photoflyers. Branded instant photos for any activation. We deliver worldwide.

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Photoflyer quarterly update

We are all looking for real contacts again, we are tired of everything digital. Done with digital meetings, but also done with digital photos. We are looking to make real connections again, and really be together, and really capture this.

Photoflyer quarterly update

Summer has started, and the COVID-19 measures are slowly starting to decrease worldwide. We see more opportunities again and we see more photoflyers in use again.

We are all looking for real contacts again, we are tired of everything digital. Done with digital meetings, but also done with digital photos. We are looking to make real connections again, and really be together, and really capture this.

When a brand approaches us, I don't want to be drawn to the digital. I want on-the-spot contact and experience with the brands. When brands use a photoflyer, you know that as a brand they are also looking for real contacts. No pasted-on advertising, but a photo marketing tool that really pays attention to your target group.

What we have realized over the past period is that even in the difficult periods, or especially in the difficult periods, a photoflyer still gives you a smile.

Recently, photoflyers could be seen at drive-through events, small-scale events, but also at campsites and in hotels. Even though it was small-scale and everyone was in their own bubble, with photoflyers you could still connect with these people in their bubble. If you take an instant photo and hand out the photoflyer, you stay at an appropriate distance.

Especially now that the consumer is expected to be approached in a different way, more careful, more appropriate and less 'in your face', photoflyers are ideally suited. Everyone is also used to keeping their distance after wearing face masks for so long. Hugging or standing close to each other is something that slowly is disappearing from our mindset. You can't expect people to be close to each other in a photo booth, with photoflyers you create and keep your distance.

Photoflyer hospitality hotel lobby 3

Photoflyers as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry

Photoflyer is the best tool to welcome your guests again. You don't ask the guests to come to you, but you come to them. A photoflyer is the only photo marketing tool where you come to the customer while keeping your distance. You get it on the spot and the guests don't have to do anything for it.

To pass on fond memories, because people have not been to a hotel or restaurant for a long time. We previously wrote about photoflyers in the hospitality industry, read more about it in this article.

What can we expect from this summer, autumn, and winter?

I think what is most important this summer is that our customers get in touch again with their target group. It is important in this phase not to go purely on sales right away, but start with the beginning, pay attention. Let your target group know what you've been doing lately, but don't impose this on them, but give them something positive. Give them a good reminder of your brand. A photoflyer is such a positive gesture

A photoflyer also has value. The perception of an instant photo remains high. Combine a photoflyer with a tear-off coupon and the recipient won't feel like you earn anything from them. The photoflyer is the gesture, the memory that lingers. But because you don't throw the photoflyer away, your brand remains visible for a longer period of time, which creates brand sympathy.

DSC 0384
Streetgasm 8

Deploy photoflyers locally

What makes photoflyers unique is that you can easily send our instant photo activation kits to your various stores/branches. The stores/branches can decide for themselves when is the right time to use the photoflyers. Large or small scale. Local marketing is becoming more important than ever.

A hotel chain for example, even if it is a national chain, we will see that they will try to give it as local a character as possible. Marketing will be deployed less on a large corporate scale, but much more locally.

People were unable to go abroad last year. And people went on holiday en masse in their own country. How do you keep the attention of those people and make sure they visit you again? You showed them how interesting the country is, how do you ensure that tourism continues to exist in your own country? A photoflyer can work as a tool to, for example, link the local bicycle rental to your hotel or campsite with a tear-off coupon.

With a photoflyer, you create a bond with the region. You give people a lasting memory of the environment. The perfect tool for local tourism.

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Photoflyers and our Resellers

The nice thing is that our mentality of photoflyer has been all about sharing for the past 18 years. Sharing information, success, our network, and sharing knowledge. We consider this very important, knowing that we have a unique product. We can help other parties generate business with the resale of photoflyers. That is why we started working with Resellers in various European countries a few years ago. In this way, we can operate in a decentralized manner.

Being able to approach brands and parties very locally. Working with resellers allows us to approach those markets. It is of course interesting for Photoflyer that this allows us to expand our market. A good way for our Resellers to generate extra business. Because synergy is important to us, we will also share local brand campaigns, which can possibly be translated to the local market of our Resellers. Where possible with existing contacts.

If you, as a Reseller, have your own pool of promotional personnel, photoflyers can be a good additional tool for extra business. Photoflyers at an activation is of course a real 'hour maker'. This can of course be interesting for Resellers with an existing pool of promotional personnel because that is not the business of Photoflyer, but that of the Reseller itself.

We are therefore happy to get in touch with companies worldwide that may be interested in becoming a Photoflyer Reseller.

- Mitchell Plaizier, CEO Photoflyer

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