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Using photoflyers as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry

Capture the best guest experience with an instant photo from Canon, instax, or Polaroid. Convert this experience directly into more brand sympathy. Your guests will love capturing those special moments.

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Using photoflyers as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry

After eighteen years of experience with photoflyers, we have seen that photoflyers are used in many different situations. Of course at festivals where photoflyers after photoflyers are handed out, but also at conferences and in the retail sector.

One sector where photoflyers are not likely to be expected is the hospitality industry. But photoflyers can be used particularly well in restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Make use of the different options that Photoflyer offers. Think of the different instant photography options that we offer such as Canon, instax, or Polaroid cameras. We will now discuss this further so that you can also use photoflyers in your restaurant or hotel.

A photoflyer as a giveaway in a restaurant.

How do you get guests back to your restaurant? Good service goes without saying, but how do you get your guests to remember you after their visit? How do you get them to leave a review online so that other guests know where to find you.

Embrace your guests, let them know you are happy with them. Give them that little bit extra, give them a photoflyer. The marketing tool that always works.

The well-known free drink with the bill, or the dessert "on the house" are all signs of hospitality and customer loyalty. This is something that always works well, but also something that is often forgotten shortly after the visit.

How do you ensure that you can extend that positive experience of your guests? How do you create added value from their visit? Give them something tangible that won't be thrown away, bring that experience to your guests' home, give them a photoflyer.

The possibility for repeat visits from your guests is also easier to realize with photoflyers. Consider, for example, a photoflyer with a coupon on it. When you hand in the coupon, give your guests a free drink or dessert or discount on their next visit. A photoflyer as a giveaway in a restaurant.

Photoflyer hospitality dinner

Capture your guests during dinner their dinner

Disturbing your guests at dinner isn't as easy as it sounds. Capture the visit and create an indelible memory.

Capture the best experience of your hotel guests.

In the hotel industry you naturally also want your guests to come back to your hotel. Trying to ''sell'' a loyalty program during check-in or while waiting in the lobby, is not something guests are waiting for while trying to enjoy their vacation, weekend getaway, or while getting ready for a business meeting.

Taking a picture is an excuse to disturb. It gives your guests something to make their visit tangible. They relax immediately and the holiday really starts! Photoflyers create a good time to "disturb" your guests.

Photoflyer hospitality hotel lobby

Families waiting in the hotel lobby? Take their picture!

Is your front desk staff busy checking in other guests? Turn the negative experience of your guests waiting into a positive one by reminding them of your hotel.

Add information about your loyalty program on the photoflyer and the guests can look at it when it suits them. Add a QR code with a link to your website to learn more about the loyalty program, or share a special offer for a follow-up visit.

Most importantly, the hotel guests can watch this when it suits them. When they look at the photoflyer in their hotel room again and get a smile on their faces when they see the photo.

Create a uniform photoflyer that can be used for any occasion in the hotel. A weekend away, long vacation, birthday, private business lunch, a date, high tea with friends, or a conference.

At any time you can disturb someone if you want to take a picture. This makes a photoflyer the perfect marketing tool - it is also very mobile, you can easily maneuver around the hotel. You get the photoflyer right away, you don't have to pick it up later and you "disturb" people for a maximum of 40 seconds. No longer. However, the result is immediately visible and lasts longer than 40 seconds.

  • No need for promotion teams with the self-explanatory activation kit, the photos can be taken by hotel staff;
  • A marketing tool to promote the hotel’s loyalty program;
  • Respect the privacy of the guests with analog photos. (GDPR-proof and no digital copies);
  • Capture guests’ hotel experience.
Photoflyers at the Four Season’s hotel
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