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Be inspired by these campaign examples

Over the years our product has been used in various different situations, using different strategies and tools to create the best photoflyer campaigns possible. In this article, we highlight some of these campaigns to hopefully inspire you to create your own photoflyer activation or campaign.

Be inspired by these campaign examples

Vivid Seats - Lucky Roller

Vivid Seats, a leading ticketing company, used photoflyers to promote their "Vividseats Lucky Roller" campaign at various USA locations. Attendees took selfies with photoflyers, spreading the brand online. They added excitement with prize booths, attracting diverse audiences. Results included increased website traffic, app downloads, and Rewards program sign-ups. The photoflyers became collectibles, further spreading the brand's visibility.

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Slice - Taste of Independents Tour

Creative State approached Photoflyer to brighten up the activation for Slice, aiming to boost Slice app downloads and in-app purchases across three markets: Philadelphia, North Jersey, and Staten Island. They initiated the 'Slice Taste of Independents Tour,' which involved hosting free pizza parties at local pizzerias to support these businesses that had faced challenges. The campaign, spanning July through September, featured the Photoflyer for Canon solution with the Canon Zoemini camera, effectively incorporating a QR-code for instant app download.

Slice Creative State 3
Slice Creative State 23
Slice Creative State 24
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Jameson - Movember City Bar Tour

In collaboration with MJR TOM, the Jameson City Bar Tour showcased a fresh approach to audience engagement. By utilizing photoflyers with the instax Mini (landscape coupon), the campaign aimed to enhance brand awareness, sales, and bar visits. The strategy effectively employed Jameson's recognizable camera with a branded sleeve, resulting in meaningful interactions that fostered brand sympathy and they reached impressive results, setting a new perspective on brand engagement.

Cases_images_Jameson 1
Cases_images_Jameson 2
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Primark - My Found Family

By integrating the 10x15 Photoflyer with a Standing Holder into their Pride campaign, Primark and Raúl&Rigel achieved remarkable outcomes. The activation invited Primark store visitors to capture instant photos in a colorful Pride living room setup, receiving a personalized photoflyer as a memento. The innovative photo area enabled visitors to create instant, personalized Pride-themed photos right within the store, and the interactive experience made visitors excited and encouraged them to share content online which amplified the campaign's impact.

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Jägermeister - The Meister Hunt

This campaign was held at various summer festivals in Belgium, and the goal was to attract talented DJs and find the perfect fit for Jägermeister. After receiving numerous registrations online, Jägermeister selected the top three DJs who then had the opportunity to play at summer festivals in Belgium. The campaign utilized 2500 photoflyers to promote the campaign and generate traffic to the website, where users could vote for their favorite DJ. It was a successful campaign that allowed Jägermeister to discover new DJ talent and engage with their target audience at summer festivals.

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Eleiko - FIBO Fair

Eleiko took Photoflyer with them to the fair and used photoflyers as an approachable way to get in touch with the visitors of the fair. Everyone loves to receive an instant photo, and photoflyers have a huge ‘stopping power’. Once they took the instant photo and handed out the photoflyers it created the perfect moment for Eleiko to elaborate on their products and introduce the visitors to Eleiko. Visitors could scan the QR-code on the photoflyer which led them to a free Evo Dumbbell course on their website.

Photoflyer_cases_images_Eleiko 1
Photoflyer_cases_images_Eleiko 2
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