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Photo marketing: leave a print behind!

In a world where brands constantly fight for attention, it’s hard to stand out. Photo marketing is a solution where people actually get excited about, and even stand in line for it! With a printed photo of your brand on it, you give the recipient a positive brand experience.

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Photo marketing: leave a print behind!

How to use photo marketing for your brand?

Photoflyer makes photo marketing easy and accessible. People really like to take a picture with your brand and immediately receive the printed version. Photo marketing is perfect at events such as festivals, company parties or trade fairs. It can also be combined well with a photo corner or photo booth.

The benefits of photo marketing

There are many reasons to choose photo marketing. These are the biggest advantages of photo marketing over other (less fun) forms of marketing.

1. It’s a nice gift

How many photos are still printed today? Many people have their smartphones full of pictures, but don’t print them anymore. Receiving an instant, physical photo therefor always makes people smile.

2. Photos are forever

After a successful photo marketing campaign, people go home with a branded Photoflyer. Your brand will then be displayed in their fridge or wall, and have a long term marketing effect.

3. Sharing on social media

Photoflyer is the marketing tool that combines offline with online marketing. After someone received an instant photo, this person often shared it on social media, maybe even tagging the brand in it. This way you can easily reach a big audience.

The smart use of a QR code

Tip: Include a QR code in the print of the Photoflyer. This makes sure the camera of the smartphone sees it and shows the user a pop-up to go to your website.

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