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Photoflyers compared to photo booths

Are you currently at the stage where you are thinking about renting a photo booth? Photo booth rental for your event is a great way to interact with your visitors. But there is an even better way to make a long lasting impression; a photoflyer.

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Photoflyers compared to photo booths

There are many different types of photo marketing tools. In this article we will compare the differences between a photo booth and photoflyers.

1. Our Photoflyer instant photo activation kit lets you start as soon as you receive it.

Because of how easy photoflyers are to use, you can use your own promotion teams (with your regular promotion bureau and set prices) or do it yourself without any experience needed. Anyone can use photoflyers and integrate them into an activation or campaign. The instant photo activation kit enables you to distribute around 50 photoflyers per camera per hour. It’s the world’s quickest instant photo marketing tool with great value. Boost brand awareness and attract customers to bars and shops. The compact design fits in a bag, reducing overall costs.

2. Flexible on premise and easily accessible for your target audience.

With our instant cameras, you’re not obliged to stay at one location (as opposed to using a printer or photo booth). The photographer is free to walk around the outlet or premise and therefore can be more successful and will reach the most people.

Photoflyer is highly accessible; it gives you the ability to proactively target your audience with the photo marketing tool as opposed to the photo booth, where your target audience needs to approach you.

3. Reach your target audience, and don't waste any time;

The Photoflyer concept gives you the possibility to walk around the premise; therefore, you can instruct your promo teams to approach only your target audience. This way, your activation is much more focused on the people you want to communicate with.

4. Quickest photo marketing tool;

Photoflyer is the quickest instant photo marketing tool in the world because the photo develops in your hand. Getting the photoflyer ready is easy; taking the photo and folding the sticker frame around it will only take 20 seconds. This allows you to spread a lot more communication and reach a larger audience. Instant photography at its best, wherever you are.

Getty Images 1177341584 Copy
20220805 instax solar Fotografie Jules van Iperen 014

5. Interaction with your target audience;

Photoflyers can be handled by one person, including both taking the picture and folding the sticker frame. As opposed to an automatic booth, which is often done without interaction. Using photoflyers leads to more interaction with the target audience and is more successful in reaching your targets.

6. Getting your photoflyers at your event is a lot easier compared to a photo booth;

Transporting the photoflyer materials is easy because they all fit into one bag. Compared to a photo booth, you don’t need a truck to transport it to different locations. Instead, you can receive your photoflyer activation kit via regular mail. This makes it low-cost, quick, and simple.

7. Photoflyers offer more different options and extras than a photo booth.

Photobooths often give you a small image with three different pictures and one fixed design (not a lot of room for your brand’s visibility). A photoflyer gives you the opportunity to brand both the front and back of the picture with your brand.

Instead of targeting people who already buy your drinks and rewarding them with a photoflyer, we recommend activating them with a photoflyer. By adding a tear-off coupon to a regular photoflyer you give the target audience a discount or something extra, for instance, “buy one, get one free” or “20% discount on all beers at the bar." This increases traffic to stores and immediately increases sales.

Have a look at our Options and Extras page to see all the different options. https://www.photoflyer.com/options-and-extras

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Photo booth

Diffusion / distributionMoves toward people (Beach/ park/ street/ club/ festival etc)People need to be 'lured' / static
ExperienceSpontaneous and only takes 20 sec. to processMore of a commercial machine, simple photo print
QualityHigh quality: Polaroid is waterproof and printable on both sidesWrinkles easily / photo printout only
Perception consumerConsumer is taken seriously (strict privacy issues nowadays) no digital copyConsumer sees/is aware of commercial use
Sales conversionTear-off coupon (21% conversion) promo codes (41%)No direct sales conversion coupon possibilities / very limited when it comes to special offers
Social conversion35-51% User generated Content. Posting spontaneously15-25% conversion. Often make use of push models (like and win)
RolloutEasy to use for everyone / instruction video can be shared via mobileDetailed installation and explanation
TechnicNot any or very low failure in mechanismVery susceptible to interference (internet / software / hardware etc)
Logistics / costsPromoteam able to work anywhere (without billable hours / briefings / transport)A great deal of logistical costs for transport / maintenance of equipment
SupportVery flexible integration / always available within five business daysNeed to take planning into account
FlexibilityCan be carried out by any party or agencyYou are stuck with one supplier
Additional USPsYou're able to do a giveaway / DIY package for clubs and bars without promotionToo costly to leave on site for a longer period of time

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