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The original branded instant photos, photoflyers. Branded instant photos for any activation. We deliver worldwide.

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How are your photoflyers made?

Photoflyers are made using special adhesive paper. Once you have placed your order and you have sent us your photoflyer design, we start the production process which consists of several steps. In this article, those steps are explained to give a better idea of how your photoflyers are created.

How are your photoflyers made?

1. Design check and review

The design check is just one of the important steps in the production process. The design is reviewed, and during this review we look for errors like incorrect size and bleed. We also check to ensure all of the visible elements of your design are properly included in your print file.

During this process, the printing documents for your photoflyers are also created. Depending on your photoflyer size, we can fit between 2 and 8 photoflyers on one sheet of paper.

The right size paper with a premade back slit is then loaded into the printer. Once this stage has been completed, the design file is sent to the printing station.

DSC 9176 2

2. Printing

At the printing station, the right number of prints are entered into the system. The number of photoflyers that can be printed on a single sheet of paper varies depending on the size of the photoflyer. When the right number of prints is calculated, the design is sent to the printer, where it will start production.

DSC 9179
DSC 9173

3. Setting up the machine

At this step, your prints are brought to the next station, the cylinder die-cutting machine. Here, the right die-cut frame is loaded onto the machine to ensure the right cuts get made for the chosen photoflyer size. One test is done to ensure the cutting lines are in the correct position.

DSC 9217
DSC 9195

4. Die-cutting the photoflyers

Precision is an important part of the photoflyer; one millimeter is a big difference for this machine. After the production tests, adjustments are made (when necessary), and the rest of the order is processed through the machine.

DSC 9223
DSC 9180

5. Getting your photoflyers ready for shipment

Before we start packing your order, we always have a quality check to make sure the design looks the same as the digital print proof. After this quality check, the photoflyers are brought over to the next station, where all the excess paper is removed. At this final step before packaging, the photoflyers are bundled in stacks of 250 (or a different bundle if/when requested). We always include an instruction one-pager to make sure you always have the right information on how to fold your photoflyers. When everything is packed and ready for shipment - we create the shipping labels and send off your photoflyers.

DSC 9267
DSC 9186
DSC 9283

After printing the shipping label and adding the camera(s) and other products to the activation kit, the order is ready to be shipped.

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