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Branded instant event photography

Photo marketing for events. When you are organizing an event or in-store campaign, event photography can be a nice add on to share the experience with your target audience. Most people forget that this moment is the best moment to get in touch, it is the golden moment.

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Branded instant event photography

Event photography is more than just a picture.

Looking for photography to capture the best moments at your events? Photoflyers are the perfect marketing tool for brands, events and campaigns. The photoflyers will be ready in a flash thanks to our easy-use folding system. Quick and easy to implement at your events. Anytime and anywhere, to maximize your one-on-one contact with your target group. With our expertise we help you to realize the best return on invest as possible. From tear-off coupons, magnets, incentives, contests, to barcode and QR integration.

Miele tomorrowland4

Photoflyer event photography at Tomorrowland

Photoflyers with custom leather case for Jumbo Racedagen

Photoflyer event photography at Jumbo Racedagen

Photoflyer for instant photography is not a camera that prints stickers, it is more than that. The digitally printed sticker frames are applied to the instant photos after they are taken. Besides that, they are also completely customizable.

Event photography is more than digital photography. Having instant photos at your events as your event photography solution, you create a moment to get attention, real attention. With photoflyers you automatically interact with people to capture moments. It is the perfect personal flyer that instantly develops in your hand. Photoflyers create direct interaction and capture real smiles.

Use this moment to communicate, and brand this instant photo with a photoflyer. The instant photo will become your event photography communication tool to achieve your targets.

Photoflyer instax wide

Key takeaways

  • Wide size, more space to communicate your message, front and back;
  • Quickest photo marketing tool, less than five seconds per print;
  • Multiple options tear-off coupon and win codes;
  • Useful for every occasion;
  • Pure analog photography, no digital copies
  • Great additional concept for marketing and event departments;
  • Valuable keepsake for your customers;
  • Quick to implement for each category within your company;
  • Combination benefits for more campaigns;
  • Delivery within five business days.
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Use this moment to communicate and to surprise people. Remember: everybody can make a digital picture nowadays, that’s not special anymore. With instant photography at your event you create valuable interaction.

Get photoflyers at your event.

Branded instant photo frames for any activation. 

Click, stick, and hand out a branded instant photo with our complete instant photo activation kit.

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