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Photoflyers at your Drive-Thru or Drive-In event

Photoflyers are a great way to interact with your customers and visitors at a safe distance. Keep a 6ft. distance while taking a picture, and hand them out, all while your visitors stay seated in their own car.

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Click, stick, and hand out a branded instant photo with our complete instant photo activation kit.

We all know this is a year which will be different then all the others. But there are some great alternatives out there, to create interactive moments. While a Drive-In or Drive-Thru experience is not a new concept, current times call for creative ideas. Organizations put a creative twist on this old school’ type of entertainment. Hosting a Drive-In or Drive-Thru event is a great way to bring your organization, employees, family, and friends together while ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance. 

With a drive-through event you keep the possibility to be physically present at the event, Christmas drinks, or the staff party of your organization and to still comply with the guidelines against the corona virus. 

Photoflyers can be a great tool to add to your Christmas Drive-Thru event. It is extremely quick, the instant photo develops in you hand, and you can easily transform this instant photo into a branded gift with a personal message.

Pepsi with photoflyers at a Drive-In Champions League event.

Keep a save distance while taking a picture.

Pepsi with photoflyers at a Drive-In Champions League event.

Stay inside the car while the pictures are being taken.

Drive-Thru and Drive-In event ideas.

  • Organize a Drive-In theatre for a movie screening or performance;
  • Christmas drinks for your employees at a Drive-In event;
  • Create a Drive-Thru food festival;
  • Milestone celebrations, such as high-school or university students’ graduation;
  • Drive-In fundraisers.

Pepsi with photoflyers at a Drive-In Champions League event

Stay inside the car while the pictures are being taken.

Pepsi with photoflyers at a Drive-In Champions League event

Hand out the photoflyers at save distance.

What can photoflyers mean for your Drive-Thru or Drive-In event?

  • Maintain interaction with your customers or employees;
  • Create incentives on the photoflyer to ensure return on investment or repeat visitors;
  • Photoflyers are always taken from a safe distance;
  • The instant photographers wear gloves while handing out the photoflyer;
  • The instant photographers also wear a face mask.

When it comes to Drive-In and Drive-Thru events, the possibilities with photoflyers are endless. 

Just get our complete instant photo activation kit. This kit includes a camera, film, a bag, and your personal designed sticker frames.

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