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Photoflyer for Polaroid


Easily get started with your photoflyers. Read and watch these instructions carefully to get the best results.

How to fold a photoflyer for Polaroid pictures.

Polaroid 1


Looking at the back of the photoflyer, fold the photoflyer in the middle at the folding line.

Polaroid 2


Peel off the right sticker starting from the bottom left, next to the third line as shown.

Polaroid 3


Place the Polaroid picture on the photoflyer, leaving an even gap around the Polaroid picture.

Polaroid 4


Peel off the left sticker starting from the top right corner, next to the first line.

Polaroid 5


Fold the photoflyer in half to seal, leaving the middle part of the sticker to use as a guide.

Polaroid 6 1


Your photoflyer is ready to hand out.

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