Our history

Photoflyer was founded in 2003. Then part of an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, now an independent company. Its founding father Mitchell Plaizier invented the concept of Photoflyer after being challenged by one his clients to create the perfect marketing ‘gadget’. It had to be quick to handover, highly personal and should have a joyful fun factor and most importantly: it should be a gadget no-one would want to throw away. Last but not least? It should also drive on the spot conversion. Photoflyer has been doing all of the above and far more for over a decade now.

Our partners

Our longstanding partners Fujifilm (Instax) and Jubels (Xerox Premier Partner for printing) have been helping us to cater to our clients from the get-go. All of our Photoflyers are printed in the Netherlands before being shipped all over the globe to our various, international customers. To up our service level, we will be using new printing and distribution facilities in the United States and Australia from the end of 2017 on.


Brands | We create concepts and conversion methods for BRANDS all around the globe in any industry to reach their communication and sales goals with the perfect Photoflyer solution.

Agencies | We serve AGENCIES in the fields of marketing, advertising, activation, media and the likes to create the best solutions and achieve the optimal result based on their customer briefings and objectives.

Countries | We ship Photoflyers to every continent. Whether it be for a retail promotion campaign in Australia, a bar activation in Tokyo, a beer promotion in Africa or a product launch in Europe and a festival in the US. All campaigns we do, are facilitated and provided with a ‘plug and play’ package for promotion teams on the ground to get going without any impactful, additional preparation.


We work with Photoflyer resellers in several countries. This way, we serve you in a better and faster manner while facilitating you in your native language. Interested in becoming a reseller yourself? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Instant celebration

We created our newest addition inspired by the needs of our customer to produce Photoflyers for smaller, personal consumer events. Think weddings, birthdays, newborn celebrations and the likes. Our ‘Instant Celebration’ solution caters to those small-scaled events as we believe that every milestone is worth celebrating significantly!
We sell this product through retailers (on and offline) and offers you the possibility to design and order a custom made, personally designed Photoflyer before having it printed and shipped.

Instant store

We have been receiving requests for our Instax products on a daily basis for years. You can order all cameras, film and accessories through our own ‘Instant Store’. Thanks to our partnership with Fujifilm, we have the possibility to ship all of the products directly from the Fujifilm warehouse to your home. Interested? Make sure to check out all the fun photo options for yourself: www.theinstantstore.com

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