Logo Photoflyer

Photoflyer was founded in 2003. The idea was born within an advertising agency. Simply based on a frustration: ‘Why are all 1-to-1 marketing tools thrown away almost immediately.’ What started as an idea within the advertising agency has grown as an independent international company.
Its founding father Mitchell Plaizier invented the concept of Photoflyer after being challenged by one his clients to create the perfect marketing ‘gadget’. It had to be quick to handover, highly personal and should have a joyful fun factor and most importantly: it should be a gadget no-one would want to throw away.
Last but not least? It should also drive on the spot conversion. Photoflyer has been doing all of the above and far more for over a decade now.


Since its start in 2003 Photoflyer already started a strong relationship with Fujifilm in the Netherlands. Both experienced the benefit quickly. And a solid marriage was born between the two parties. Nowadays Photoflyer works directly as exclusive b2b-partner with Fujifilm Europe, USA, South Africa & Australia.
Photoflyer and Fujifilm are continuously working together on new ideas & tools to service the event industry with is best solutions.


Xerox is our Premier business Partner for printing and have been helping us to cater to our clients from the get-go. All Photoflyers for the EU market are printed and shipped from the Netherlands. To service USA, South Africa and Australia the best, new printing and distribution facilities are setup together with Xerox. The driving force behind this international expansion is Jeroen van Druenen, President of The XMPie Users Group.