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The original branded instant photos, photoflyers. Branded instant photos for any activation. We deliver worldwide.

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The original branded instant photos for any activation.

The original branded instant photos for any activation.

Click, stick, and hand out the original branded instant photo. Create and design custom instax instant photos, Canon printouts, and Polaroid pictures.


Elevate your brand with photoflyers.

  • Leave a lasting impression with your clients, as photoflyers are entirely customizable. Create personalized designs for both the front and back of the instant photo.

  • Increase your brand recognition with a photoflyer, drive up sales, and create meaningful interactions with your clients.

  • We ship our photoflyers worldwide, and with our quick production process, you can get started in 3 to 5 business days.


Packed with options and extras.

Transform an instant photo into a powerful marketing tool with a photoflyer. Discover the different marketing options to get the most out of your instant photo.

How to fold a photoflyer.

  • Instructie template instax Mini
  • Instructie template instax Mini2
  • Instructie template instax Mini3
  • Instructie template instax Mini4
  • Instructie template instax Mini5
  • Instructie template instax Mini6

A photoflyer for every occasion.

  • Photoflyer_cases_images_Philips 1

    Brand activation

    Elevate your brand activation with photoflyers as an effective way to boost engagement with your target audience. This can be at a music festival, or any other event where you will be present with your brand.
    Photoflyers for a brand activation with a walk through of:

    Retail and store activation

    Drive up sales, create more store traffic, and increase brand awareness by creating a memorable and fun shopping experience.
    Photoflyers for a retail and store activation with a walk through of:
  • Photoflyer_cases_images_Dean One 2

    Corporate event

    Photoflyers at corporate events combine photography and branding to create custom souvenirs. The custom photoflyers provide an interactive activity, reinforce the brand, and can be shared on social media, making them a memorable addition to the event.
    Photoflyer for a corporate event with:
  • Cases_images_Four Seasons Hotel


    Capture the best experience of your hotel guests. By incorporating photoflyers, hotels and restaurants can elevate their customer service, create memorable moments, and foster stronger brand connections.
    Photoflyers for a hospitality activation with:
  • BOS Brands 7

    Tourism and city marketing

    Promote your city as an attractive place to visit. City marketers can highlight local activities and attractions. Guiding tourists to museums, amusement parks, markets, and shops and share their experiences.
    Photoflyers for a city activation with:
  • Cases_images_Roland Garros 3

    Sports event activation

    Photoflyers can result in revenue generation, brand building, and fan engagement. Handing out photoflyers at trade shows and matches maximizes exposure and boosts team or sponsorship presence.
    Photoflyers for a sports event activation with:

Instant photo activation kit


Your instant photo activation kit contains an instant camera of your choice (instax Wide 300, instax Mini 12, Canon Zoemini S, a Polaroid Go, or a Polaroid Now camera), instant photos, photoflyer sticker frames, and a promo bag which are especially useful when walking around on a festival site or through a city.



Instant cameras combined with a photoflyer create a unique marketing experience. Attendees have their photo taken, which instantly gets printed and folded into a customized photoflyer. This tangible, personalized marketing tool leaves a lasting impression and extends the reach of the captured moment. It's an effective way to engage customers and promote brands in various settings.

Sticker Frame

Create powerful marketing tools with branded instant photo frames and Photoflyers. Customize instant photos with designs, text, and logos, fostering direct engagement with customers. The patented adhesive sticker frames are easily applied to the photos, creating an instant personal flyer. Simply peel, place, and fold to seal.

Instant Photo

Ordering Photoflyers includes both the flyers and instant photos, so you can start your activation immediately. Instant photos are highly effective, creating excitement as they develop and making great personal gifts. Photoflyers establish a personal connection, transforming each photo into a powerful marketing tool. Remember to discard the first picture when inserting a new film pack as it's a protective cover for the film.

Promo Bag

The photoflyer promo bag enhances convenience by keeping essential items safe and easily accessible on the go. Store extra batteries, film packs, paper backings, and photoflyers in the bag, allowing you to focus on engaging with your target audience and leaving a lasting brand impression.

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