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New instax Mini 12 camera, perfect for capturing and sharing memories

The instax Mini 12 camera is a compact and user-friendly instant camera from Fujifilm that allows you to take high-quality instant photos. The instax mini is a great successor to the already awesome instax Mini 11, perfect for events and brand activations.

New instax Mini 12 camera, perfect for capturing and sharing memories

Compact, portable, and perfect for photoflyers

The Instax Mini 12 camera is Fujifilm's new addition to their instant camera lineup. The Instax Mini 12 is a compact instant camera. The Mini series has become popular for its easy-to-use and nostalgic instant photography. It prints photos in a credit-card-sized format of 54mm x 86mm, making them easy to hand out and share with others.

Mini12 White 02 lowres
Mini12 White 04 lowres
Mini12 White 03 lowres

Using the Instax Mini 12 camera with photoflyers

  1. Take a photo using the Instax Mini 12 camera. The camera uses Fujifilm's instax Mini film to produce high-quality photos with a vintage look.
  2. Take the Instax photo and add any additional information or messaging that the company wants to include. There is room for communication on the front and on the back of the photoflyer.
  3. Hand out the photoflyer to customers or event attendees. The photoflyer can also be shared on social media by using a branded hashtag, extending the reach of your marketing campaign.

Create succesful activations with photoflyers for instax Mini

The Instax Mini 12 camera is a great choice for creating photoflyers due to its small size and portability. It's easy to take the camera to events or pop-up shops and create instant photos for customers to take home as a souvenir. By combining the nostalgic appeal of instant photography with the power of branded marketing, photoflyers created with the Instax Mini 12 camera can help businesses create memorable and engaging experiences for their customers.

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230111 Instax Mini 12 Feature 6 Twist The Lens 1195 pastel blue lowres

Create brand awareness with photoflyers

Take pictures with the Instax Mini 12 outside your store or at an event to create buzz around the launch of a new product and hand out photoflyers. Encourage people to share their photoflyers on social media by using a hashtag, spreading awareness of the brand and the new product line to their followers.

230111 Instax Mini 12 Feature 8 Automatic Exposure 1315 copy lowres

Global campaigns with the instax Mini 12

Because of the small and compact size of the Instax Mini 12 activation kit, you can easily use the instant camera for your global campaign. Distribute the camera’s with the photoflyers to their destinations. The Instax Mini 12 makes it a lot easier and faster to set up campaigns on a global scale.

About the Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera

From its playful, colorful design to its easy-to-use modes and controls, the instax mini 12 is bursting with joy and creativity.

  • Selfie Mode: Selfie mirror
  • Simple Operation: Twist & shoot
  • Iconic Design: Compatible with instax Mini film
  • Automatic Exposure: Constant firing flash
  • Close-Up Mode: Parallax correction function
  • Bright images with automatic exposure
  • Handy strap and batteries included (batteries excluded for overseas shipping)

Sources: instax.com/mini_12/, instaxus.com/cameras/instax-mini-12/

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